UCX as Platinum Sponsor at the MSP Expo 2020!

UCX participated as a platinum sponsor and featured exhibitor and for one of the biggest MSP events of 2020 – the MSP Expo!

MSP Expo is a three-day summit attended by over 3000 global MSPs, MSSPs, and resellers. There, business owners and technology specialists connect and share strategies to grow their managed services businesses. 

We can take away a lot from these three days. We were among so many innovative industry experts who are redefining the world of technology each day. Thanks to that, we were able to broaden our network and actively share the mission of UCXmarket with everyone. 

Let’s take a look at the highlights of this year’s MSP Expo for UCX:

Thousands of experts. Thousands of perspectives 

During these three days, we witnessed the power of people and technology in one. Thousands of experts gathered to share how technology is expanding in creative ways and changing the way businesses work.

We took part in various panel discussions and keynote events such as IBM’s “Trends to Shape Blockchain in 2020”  and “How to thrive in today’s open, hybrid, multi-cloud world” to get insights on how UCX Blockchain and our other cloud features can be optimized to stay up to par with the newest trends.

The keynote speakers discussed today’s most advanced and sought after technologies. They also tackled the challenges providers face and how to turn them into opportunities in the long run. 

The UCX Team at the MSPExpo 2020 in Fort Lauderdale, FL.
The UCX Team at the MSPExpo 2020 in Fort Lauderdale, FL.


New partners and connections

The essence of the MSP Expo is to create an environment where IT experts gather to:

  • Learn about the latest technologies
  • Broaden their network
  • Drive more recurring revenue

We were covering all these points with UCXmarket and raised the interest of many attendees during the summit.  

MSPs were looking to expand their portfolio of services and found UCXmarket to be a great solution where they can partner and bundle with other partners within the market. 

They considered our platform as a new channel to offer their services and an excellent way of growing their brand awareness with our branded partner profile. Providers who wanted to improve their user experience were also impressed by UCXmarket’s intuitive layout and easy navigation. 

We had the chance to grow our network with numerous partners and are currently working to list their leading-edge solutions into our platform! 

Focus for the future

Thanks to our newfound knowledge and broadened network, many of our updates will revolve around the partnering and bundling system at UCXmarket.

Compatible providers can be introduced to one another and not only create bundles by combining their services but also develop new and unique solutions as well. We are also continuously optimizing our platform to provide our partners and their customers a seamless overall experience. 

In conclusion – The MSP Expo has opened new doors of opportunities for us and we look forward to leveraging them! 

We’ll also be attending the next MSP events that are coming soon, so stay tuned!

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