UCXmarket Branded Market Profile

The UCXmarket Branded Market Profile

The UCXmarket Branded Market Profile is an elaborate feature that lets you transform your UCXmarket profile into a visually attractive storefront for your products. Think enticing copy, branded banners, icons, colorful illustrations, images, videos, and more! Think, you.

By default, the profile includes your company logo, description, highlights, products, data centers, and resources which could be case studies, whitepapers, guides, how-tos, etc. 

It’s when you enable the UCXmarket Branded Market Profile feature that the customization options become countless.

The Hero Slider is the first thing a buyer sees when they visit your profile. Here, you add your most striking punchlines and messages to draw them in.

Now that you’ve got their attention, use the Overview area to convince the buyer that you’re what they’re looking for. This feature enables you to do it in a variety of ways, for example:

It can be through presenting your strongest features

Listing what you do best

Including trusty testimonials

Adding explanatory videos

And a lot more!

If you combine all the different options to convey your message, you should basically have a copy of your homepage within UCXmarket. It sticks out, is pleasing to the eye, and does justice to your brand.

Checkout our Plans and boost your brand today!

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