Benefits for your company

UCXmarket will help you reach your digital transformation goals one step at a time.


Instant comparison of cloud options, from Virtual Servers and Bare Metal to Colocation and more. Save time by only comparing viable cloud providers that fit your company’s unique needs.


Search, filter, and find the right server for your project and provision instantly to your Cloud Account. UCXmarket provides consultation and side-by-side comparisons so you can make your decision with confidence.


UCXmarket uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to help you narrow your search and find the best match, best value, and best price based upon your exact specifications.


You see it all, aggregated options and pricing. With RFQ, see your perfect solution as it comes together, then see candidate vendors competing for your business.

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Features of UCXmarket

Built with your company in mind.

Smart Search

Cloud Manager

UCXmarket supports account linking and server provisioning for Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud, and Packet. Specify your business’ needs and let UCXmarket do the legwork of providing only relevant solution options.

  • Link Accounts

  • Import Deployed Infrastructure

  • Provision New Resources

  • Manage your Clouds

Request for Quote

UCXmarket was created to help organizations reduce costs, retain flexibility and streamline the time it takes to get the best price on virtual machines, bare metal and tailored private cloud solutions. The UCXmarket platform provides recommendations based upon industry best practices as well as previous purchases from other buyers.

Step 1

Sign up and complete the RFQ form, or reach out
to UCXmarket for help determining your needs

Step 2

You are connected on UCXmarket to
potential partners called "candidates"

Step 3

Collaborate with candidates on UCXmarket
using chat to build full specifications

Step 4

Candidates "bid" for your business
and you see multiple options

Step 5

Choose a candidate as your partner on UCXmarket,
contact them directly and coordinate deployment

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