IT teams have always faced performance vs. cost decisions: do we increase cost to get the performance we want, or do we sacrifice performance to save money? With Quorum, you can get both performance and cost savings. Our “HA Anywhere” architecture gives our customers performance and value, and it’s our vision for how Cloud HA and DR should be. At the core of “HA Anywhere” is Quorum onQ: A fully encrypted, fast and easy high availability solution. Putting customer’s privacy and security first, onQ is built to provide the most secure, best performing backup and recovery in the industry. What’s different about us? We don’t force you to choose cloud or local, and you don’t have to choose cost over performance. We have the flexibility to adapt to any business model, and can put the right technology to work for you. Ask us for a reference! Our customers love us!



onQ Cloud – The onQ instance is hosted in Quorum’s private cloud; a fully encrypted, regulatory compliant, and high performance PRIVATE datacenter.

onQ Local – A purpose built appliance designed to provide 1-click instant recovery onsite without impacting the application workload.

onQ Remote – A purpose built appliance located at a secondary site to provide DR protection for servers that are required to stay within your network.


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