At Packet, we're out to Build a Better Internet™ by supercharging the container revolution with smart, API-driven bare metal. Our platform brings the price and performance benefits of bare metal servers to the cloud, powering highly-available performance workloads through a unique, never-congested network. Our goal is to make it easier for online innovators to succeed with infrastructure as they push the envelope of performance and value for their users. We do that by removing complexity wherever we can: elegant software, simple pricing, and forward-looking solutions. And robots - gotta have robots!



Blazing fast dedicated servers, but with the automation and flexibility of the cloud. 8 minute deploys, cloud-init, and common drivers.

Our flexible, high performance block storage service provides you a persistent storage option, with snapshots and replication built in.

Our network was built for today's DevOps consumer, and features elastic addressing, bring your own IP space, and BGP support.

Love our automation but need your own gear or location? Never fear, we can deploy in private racks in our datacenter, or yours.


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