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Why sell with

Because, frankly, why not?
Listing with UCXmarket is 100% free!

Simplified selling – There is no need to walk your customers through anything when they can just click through everything. IT Solutions are not the easiest products to package, but our abundance in sorting and specification options allows your customers to define precisely what they want.

Competitive Edge – Are you an MSP, VAR, IT Provider? Have an edge over your competition by automating your selling process and shortening your sales cycle.

Expanded reach – By joining UCXmarket, you will have a new channel to showcase your products, meaning higher visibility and expanded reach to potential customers.

Growth opportunities – You have the possibility of being introduced to potential partners within UCXmarket, design solutions, and create bundles for your products and services.

Customer satisfaction – Our site was designed with the user in mind. It’s simple and intuitive to navigate, letting the customer quickly find what they’re looking for.

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How to sell with

Phase I: Pre-agreement

Before you officially join UCXmarket, you need to follow these two simple steps:
CheckFill in the form

We want to know more about your organization and what your specialty is. Show us what you pride yourself in!

CheckGet support

After filling out the form you’ll be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Specialist who will stay in contact with you to ensure a seamless onboarding process.

Phase II: On-boarding

After joining, these are the points that will follow during the onboarding process:
CheckList your profile We list your company profile and you are then given access to manage anything within your account including orders, users, receiving quotes, and the product listing process.
CheckList your products You can create products by yourself in the market or have us import them for you. Depending on what you offer, your solutions will be either listed on the existing product categories, or new ones will be created.
CheckChoose a partnership model The way we import products and how buyers are able to purchase them dictates if you are:
  • A Provision Partner – The import process of products is done via API and direct provisioning and payment are included.
  • A Referral Partner – The import process of products is done manually and direct provisioning and payment are not included.
CheckSeal the deal Here we consent on a negotiable commission for all sales that are generated through us. When you make a lot, we make a little!

Phase III: Sell & Grow

When you’re done listing your profile and products, it’s time to reap the benefits:
CheckStart Selling Now that your profile and products are all set, you’re ready to sell! Let your customers explore your products and enjoy a great user experience.
CheckPartner and bundle Partner with other companies within UCXmarket and expand your opportunities by creating bundles. From 5000+ products, the options to bundle are endless.
CheckIntegrate your link You can take your product catalog link on UCXmarket and get creative on how you get in front of your customers. For example, you could integrate the link to your website, landing pages, social media, contact us and so on.
CheckAccelerate with UCX Professional Services Choose one of our service packages and let our marketing team help you boost your brand.

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