Let your buyers simplify the process of digital transformation while not compromising the aspects of quality and security related to their data.

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Deploy. Provision. Secure.

Our Cloud Manager feature is specially developed and tested to ensure a seamless experience when it comes to Server Deployment, Storage Provisioning, and the use of advanced Blockchain technology.

Server Deployment

Turn the general server deployment process into a straightforward experience for your buyers. Enable them to deploy, link, import, and maintain servers in a few clicks. The Cloud Manager provides an overview of their listed servers, where they can quickly navigate and filter through them by CSP, data center, and status.

Amongst our partners who already offer direct server deployment are DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, AlibabaCloud, AWS, and Packet.

Display showing DigitalOcean product

Storage Provisioning

Optimize your buyer’s experience by enabling them to provision storage and execute payments directly through UCXmarket. The Cloud Manager allows the buyer to create and manage storage buckets, import, export, classify and delete data, set user permissions, and share files.

Our platform supports S3 API integration, so if you’re an S3 compatible provider, you are also compatible with our direct provisioning feature.

Screenshot that shows how to provision Wasabi storage

Wasabi Hot Storage

Wasabi is among our partners who provide object storage that supports the S3 API. This ensures flexible integration, scalability, and simplicity.

Furthermore, Wasabi Storage costs 80% less compared to AWS and presents a great S3-compatible option for organizations looking to increase value for less money.

They are an example of how S3-compatible providers are able to streamline the purchasing process and monitor the usage of object storage.

Blockchain-enabled Trusted Storage

Eliminate the arduous procedure it takes to ensure data integrity. By leveraging our Blockchain technology and AES-256 military-grade encryption you are guaranteed to instantly get the best source of integrity for your highly sensitive and confidential information.

Upgrade Object Storage to Trusted Storage with One Click

During storage deployment, your buyers have the option of enabling our trusted storage capability. One click is all it takes for their object storage to be upgraded with Blockchain technology and government-grade encryption, offering them the optimal protection for critical business data.

Do It for Free

Turning object storage into UCX Trusted Storage is an addon that’s completely free of charge! Taking this step allows your buyers to maximize security and reliability for their data without risk.

Modal that shows how to enable Trusted Storage