Build, host, and operate your own secure blockchain application without worrying about blockchain itself. 

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BaaS - The Catalyst to Efficiency

Get blockchain based on Hyperledger Fabric for a future-ready business. Our technology works smoothly, is easily integrable, and highly scalable.

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Flexibility and

Accelerate business development and deliver ultramodern applications without the technological friction.

Send and retrieve JSON format payloads based on your data model requirements using REST API and let UCX Blockchain do the work without interrupting your technology’s workflow.

Ease of Use

No need for blockchain-specific knowledge to query your data on blockchain.

You can query large datasets leveraging a NoSQL database like CouchDB. Use its rich query capabilities to easily fetch data from the ledger (state database) by filtering results based on your stored data model properties.

Efficient Security

Stay up to par with the latest technology without investing in expensive in-house computing resources.

With UCX Blockchain-as-a-Service you are guaranteed to get a cost-effective solution for improved transparency, accountability, and data security.  

Fast, simple, secure. You need blockchain technology, we provide it for you.

Use Case

Trusted Storage​

Utilizing our technology’s capabilities, we have upgraded normal storage to

 military-grade-encrypted Trusted Storage. This is how it works:

Distributed Ledger

UCX Blockchain is built on top of Hyperledger Fabric to utilize distributed ledger technology. Hyperledger Fabric enables us to build a trusted storage service using a fully decentralized ledger on a blockchain network.


We use Raft as our consensus mechanism. It’s a Crash Fault Tolerant (or CFT for short) ordering service based on a Raft protocol implementation, that uses a “leader and follower” node configuration.

Smart Contracts

UCX Blockchain implements smart contracts using Hyperledger Fabric They serve to manage security and data integrity and we follow the off-chain file storage approach for making file storage cost-effective and secure at the same time.

Get the infrastructure for your next groundbreaking app!