Deploy storage buckets on-demand from an easy-to-use interface with the Wasabi Storage integration.

UCX Wasabi Storage Integration main illustration

The Easiest Storage Bucket Ever Created

No more service requests to the engineering team with a 48-hour turnaround. With the Wasabi integration, we automated provisioning to deliver storage buckets as fast as you need them, directly from UCX.

With the UCX Wasabi integration you get:

Group 7

New Account Setup

Group 10

S3 Bucket Management

Group 9

S3 Access Key Management

Group 8

Control Account API Interaction

UCX makes Wasabi Hot Storage provisioning a no-brainer.

Don’t believe it? Try it out.

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In Tune With Simple Storage Service

This integration allows for S3 compatibility, which means we can interface easily with your existing storage and web applications. With 4 cloud regions available and no tiers, Wasabi allows you to store unlimited data at a fraction of the standard price.

Solve Any Data Problem With the Wasabi Integration

Whether you need a second copy in the cloud, off-site disaster recovery, an active and accessible data archive, or long-term storage, Wasabi’s breakthrough price-performance makes the choice simple.

Deploy storage directly through UCX!

With the Wasabi integration, you’re able to purchase storage easier and faster than ever.