The Virtual Channel is the best viable solution if you are looking for a better, simpler way to manage your network of resellers and distributors.

  • No more dealing with spreadsheets for distribution tracking.
  • No more individually managing your resellers and distributors via email
  • No need for in-person sales meetings.

Make Every Process More Efficient

Build a fully custom-branded storefront for your products.

Create a contactless buying experience through direct payments.

Create custom stores for your resellers for easy access to your products.

Manage commissions and track sales with full transparency.​

Expand your network of distributors, and much more.

Manage Distributors and Resellers in One Place

What does the Virtual Channel do?

It provides a powerful one-stop channel that can be applied to any industry with a vendor-reseller or vendor-distributor relationship.
It automates time-consuming practices and tasks, increases productivity, and frees up more time for you and your business.

What does this mean for me?

The Virtual Channel offers the necessary tools and features to give you full control of your sales. You can manage your distributor and reseller network, products, and even reseller stores connected to your channel, to simplify and expedite the selling process.

Get your custom-designed Virtual Channel and be in control of your product distribution.

Applicable in
Every Industry

The Virtual Channel is not only for technology vendors.  You can be a vendor of medical products, accounting services, retail, real estate, or any other industry.

What all vendors have in common is the need for a simple solution to manage their distributors and resellers, and to increase revenue through selling online.

The Virtual Channel’s main purpose is to facilitate the collaboration between you, your resellers, and distributors, however, you can leverage it to do much more.

Sell Your Products or Services Through Agents

Who is an agent on my Virtual Channel?

It could be a sales rep, a managed service provider, or just somebody who is looking to pick up additional services or products they want to promote to their customer base.

With the Virtual Channel they can do so with the click of a button. You also enable your agents to sell from virtually anywhere through a fast and contactless buying experience for customers.

Integrate Your Store Link Anywhere

To promote your product-packed & custom-designed store you can easily integrate the store link in different mediums, such as:

Get your custom-designed Virtual Channel and be in control of your product sales and distribution.