ERP systems, Cloud Deployment, Services Tickets, Email API– you name it, our platform integrates with it. 

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Integrate your Shopify account to your Virtual Channel and create the perfect multi-channel ecosystem for your reseller management process.

  • Consolidate all channel sales to your Shopify account.

  • Capture orders through UCXmarket and send them directly to your Shopify store. 

  • Empower your resellers to speed up sales through automation.

Avalara AvaTax

Make sure you charge only the right amount of tax, every time. With Avalara AvaTax you enable precise tax rate calculation for every product.

You get: 

  • Automated tax calculation
  • Real-time tax rates and taxability rules
  • Updated tax codes based on geolocation

Integrations to Connect with Your SaaS Tools

We have off-the-shelf integrations that help you speed up information flows, reduce operational costs, and work with the same tools you already use. 

Stripe logo


  • Credit card processing
  • Global payments
  • Optimized Authorization Rates
SendGrid logo


  • Email Delivery
  • Automated email program administration
QuickBooks logo


  • Quickbooks Account linking
  • Orders and Payments sent directly to QB account
Mapbox icon


  • Geocoding and reverse geocoding
  • Customizable design
  • Dynamic maps icon

  • account linking
  • Page and visual element creation
  • Simple content management
Wasabi logo

Wasabi Storage

  • New Account Setup
  • S3 bucket management
  • S3 Access Key management
  • Control Account API interaction
GoogleCloud logo

Google Cloud

  • Google Cloud account linking
  • Compute Engine VM Instances import
  • VM pricing 
  • Add/delete VMs
DigitalOcean logo

Digital Ocean

  • Digital Ocean account linking
  • Droplet import
  • Droplet pricing
  • Add/Delete Droplets
packet logo


  • Packet account linking
  • Bare Metal server import
  • Bare Metal pricing 
  • Add/delete Bare Metal server
AWS logo

AWS Servers

  • AWS account linking
  • EC2 instance import
  • EC2 pricing 
  • Add/delete instances
AliBabaCloud logo

Alibaba Cloud

  • Alibaba Cloud account linking
  • Instance import
  • ECS pricing 
  • Add/delete instances

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