Build a massive time-saving, revenue-generating Virtual Channel that allows you to sell your products through your agents and distributors and to track sales with full transparency.

Be in Control with the Virtual Channel

We have developed a powerful one-stop channel, that can be applied to any industry with a vendor-reseller relationship. Build your own Virtual Channel, include your reseller network, enable your resellers to reach new customers, and expedite the selling process.

Onboard Agents and Distributors

Bring your existing agents and distributors or onboard new connections to further simplify your selling process. Get the ability to:

  • Create a space where your agents can seamlessly convert leads into sales.
  • Expand the list of your offerings and allow resellers to sell from virtually anywhere.
  • Monitor all sales activity online, with full transparency.
  • Offer your agents and distributors the necessary tools, services, and assistance to create a hassle-free buying experience for the end customer.
  • Compare reseller popularity and build on the existing seller-reseller partnership.

Create Custom Stores for Your Resellers

Increase business efficiency by creating custom stores for your network of agents and distributors within your Virtual Channel. Being a channel owner enables you to:

  • Get a complete, full-cost store setup for your resellers, including product portfolio, which can be expanded as sales grow.
  • Theme stores to represent agents’ and distributors’ branding, including logos, descriptions, business highlights, and more.
  • Provide assistance with product promotions via flexible content management.

Create Price Books for Efficient Sales Management

Use the Virtual Channel to:

  • Create price books and assign them to your resellers and distributors. By default, your price books include the Base Price, Retail Price, MSRP, and Wholesale Price.
  • Change wholesale prices on specific reseller and distributor price books.
  • Assign commissions, set different profit margins, and discounts for your distributors and resellers.
  • Assign different product prices to different resellers.
  • Offer a fast and contactless buying experience for your clients through direct payments.

Integrate Your Shopify Account to Your UCXmarket Virtual Channel

If you have a Shopify account, you can always integrate it with your channel to manage your sales in a centralized way. This integration enables you to:

  • Import your products from Shopify, including product descriptions and specifications. 
  • Monitor all inventory from your Virtual Channel.
  • Automatically reflect the changes in your inventory when a sale has been made on Shopify.

Get your custom-designed Virtual Channel and be in control of your product distribution.


Incrediwear Goes Virtual

Incrediwear is known as one of the industry-leading providers of anti-inflammatory recovery wear. They provide their products to and through healthcare clinics, retail storefronts across several verticals, plus direct sales. As such, the pandemic has affected them just like many other companies.

As a response, they needed to create a contactless buying experience for their customers and an easy way to communicate with their agents. Incrediwear agents, who are highly-experienced doctors, decided to transform part of their selling strategy to include selling through a Virtual Channel. They partnered with UCX and created the Incrediwear Virtual Channel to quickly sell and distribute their products.

Incrediwear leveraged the Virtual Channel to do the following:

  1. Build a fully-functional, custom-branded storefront for their products.
  2. Create a contactless buying experience through direct payments.
  3. Create custom stores for their network of resellers.
  4. Gain control over the selling process by monitoring sales activities.
  5. Grow their network by connecting with thousands of UCX partners.

Dennis Brady

VP of Sales, Incrediwear

“UCXmarket allows me to get the traceability I need for my business, about every transaction and every distributor I have, and I can do that as an administrator without getting my team involved. From an accounting and simplicity perspective, that has been very, very functional to us.”

Learn how you can build, sell, track, and more with ease. Check out our Use Case to see how you can best leverage the Virtual Channel for your business.