Shopify Integration


Consolidate channel sales directly to your Shopify account and streamline your reseller management workflow.

Bringing together a blue and a green puzzle piece

A Sure-Fire Way to Turbocharge Your Business

Integrate your Shopify account to your UCXmarket Virtual Channel and create the perfect multi-channel ecosystem for your reseller order management process.

Product syncing between the UCX Virtual Channel and Shopify
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No More Spreadsheets for Inventory Management

Group 6

No More Lengthy In-person Sales Meetings

Group 7

No More Back-and-Forth with Emails, Fax, and Phone Calls

Capture Orders and Streamline Sales

Prevent overselling and inventory errors. Your resellers can capture and collect orders on UCXmarket and send them directly to Shopify for unified management, processing, and fulfillment. Sales are synced in real time in both channels for optimal efficiency.


…and turn Shopify into a reselling command center!

Speed Up Sales Through Automation

Maintain accurate inventory levels and issue refunds without having your resellers go back and forth with buyers. Automate ordering, fulfillment, shipping, invoicing, and more for a straightforward selling process.

Power Up Your Business

Connecting your Shopify store and Virtual Channel allows your resellers to quickly pull orders, reduce delivery time, and expedite the overall sales process with just a few clicks.

Simple Process. Wider Reach.

Connect your revenue streams and accelerate your sales with the Shopify integration.