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About UCX - the Chicago towers

Our Mission

Give businesses the platform and tools to increase efficiency and scale up.

Grow easy. Grow fast. Grow steady. 

Our Company

UCX is a Chicago-based SaaS company that provides a partner relationship management (PRM) platform for eCommerce businesses.

With a focus on channel management, we help brands, affiliates and influencers worldwide expand their eCommerce reach through a unified channel management experience.

We are trusted by thousands of businesses who are leveraging our platform to manage their partnerships, create new revenue streams and achieve their business goals.

We’ve developed: 

  • Custom software and user-specific tools for partner relationship management.
  • A revolutionary eCommerce platform to virtualize the online selling process.
  • A modular & scalable ready-to-go platform that can be rapidly developed into anything you need.

Our Values



Being truthful and having a sound moral compass sets the foundation for our company and all that we do.


Driving Innovation

Nothing exceptional can be achieved if we don’t push the boundaries and embrace change.



No matter if smart or talented, our team members have to combine the passion and effort for their work in order for us to succeed as a whole.


Dedication to Excellence

Life is a mountain of trials and errors. What matters most is the will to get up and face the challenges until we reach the peak.


The Pursuit of Growth and Knowledge

Every day is a battle with the previous self, and every day we win if we learn something valuable.



Genuinely embracing humor and showing our human side is what makes us thrive and enjoy each step of our journey!

Work With Us!

We’re already trusted by over 2500 businesses who are leveraging our platform to create new revenue streams and achieve their business goals. You could be doing the same.

Our Leadership

The minds behind the platform leveraged by thousands of businesses.

Adam Zeck

Founder & CEO

Jack Bouroudjian

Co-founder & Chief Economist

Ryan Ripa

VP of Product

David Converse

VP of Sales

Jeta Zagragja

Director of Business Operations

Milot Shala

Software Architect

Festim Shyti

Head of Development

Lorika Halili

Lead Project Manager

Flakë Sadiku

Head of QA

Lumbardh Zagragja

Head of Creative

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