No matter what industry you’re in, get your growth in hyper mode by using our Channel Services.

Using the Channel Services to create a powerful Virtual Channel

Why & How

Because you want to grow your business by providing more products to more customers and the best way to do that is by leveraging channel sales. We help you do it virtually and in one place with the right combination of skill and technology.

Online storefront with a blue banner and different product cards

Custom Setup and Branding

Get a complete custom-designed channel and a fully-branded store setup for your network of resellers and distributors, including branded banners, navigation bars, overviews, business highlights, landing pages, and more. 

We help you upgrade your brand presentation and create an intuitive environment where all the buyer needs to do is click. 

UCX Channel Services- custom branding and store setup
Display depicting product cards including a Zenbook and Apple iPhone

Product Creation and Inventory Import

Let our team handle product creation and presentation for you. Through our Product Builder feature, we create a detailed view of every product or service you offer, including descriptions, attributes, images, and any other specs. 

We also import all your existing inventory to your channel for a seamless transition. Your products and services are then ready to be sold in a crisp card display.

Your Products. Multiple Revenue Streams.

Take control of your sales process with the Virtual Channel. 

Reseller Recruitment

We want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your Virtual Channel. To do that, your Dedicated Success Team assists you in recruiting qualified and credible resellers for your products and services.

We scope out the industry and create a list of quality leads who are interested in selling your products. We then contact them via email and phone, introduce them to your channel, nurture them, and lastly onboard them as new resellers with their own custom store.

UCX Channel Services - Reseller Recruitment
UCX Channel services - marketing collateral

Marketing Collateral and Email Campaigns

Our team of experienced designers creates the necessary marketing collateral for you and your resellers to promote your channel with both printables and digital materials such as posters, business cards, web banners, social media posts, and more!

We help you reach and engage with the right people through creative email campaigns. Our experts focus on telling your story and building lasting connections by writing concise copy and creating complementary eye-catching designs.

Training and Maintenance

We walk you through from beginning to end by giving you in-depth training on every aspect of your channel. Our experts cover with you product creation, branding, reseller onboarding and management, sales tracking, and any custom requests you might have.  

Furthermore, we don’t let your channel lose its edge by constantly maintaining it and keeping company information and products up to date.

Revolutionize the way you sell!

Leverage Channel Services and be in control of your product sales and distribution.