The UCX platform is a powerful set of applications, microservices, and reusable technologies that empower you to create your ideal solution.

UCX platform - a dismembered grey cube

Modular. Scalable. Flexible.

Our platform can be rapidly developed into anything you need. It consists of multiple applications, services, and custom premade libraries that enable us to create a solid time and work standard, shortening development time for up to 6 months.

Easily Adaptable to Any Industry

Its modular design allows for sets of features to be added on top of the core structure without disrupting its functionality.

This makes it a super-flexible platform that can be shaped for a wide spectrum of industries and scaled to different business needs.

UCX platform - laptop showing different modules and libraries

Quality in Diversity

Let’s take eCommerce as an example.

Most eCommerce platforms have a predefined ‘product module’ that only includes stockable products. The UCX platform product module takes examples from a variety of industries and covers nearly 90% of product cases in the market, including stockable products, virtual products, and services of different types. 

It’s something our platform does best.

Unparalleled Security

No risk of data loss. No viruses. No security breaches. The UCX platform is built, backed up, and accessed on the cloud, making it extremely reliable when it comes to data security and user efficiency.



Our platform system doesn’t live in one place but it runs on a clustered environment where multiple servers run as one.

Using Kubernetes, when an app is deployed, it runs in different servers on multiple locations. If one server is down it automatically spawns a new one to prevent downtime. A load balancer connects the user to the location that’s closest to them, which adds to the security and reliability.


Blockchain Technology

To top it all off, we leverage blockchain technology. It’s applied in numerous modules within the platform and its abilities are best showcased in modules with constant activity, such as the ‘trade module’, where numerous transactions happen simultaneously by different people.

Here, blockchain enables us to save the entire history of user transactions for guaranteed data security and integrity.

One Platform. Endless Integrations.

ERP systems, Cloud Deployment, Services Tickets, Sales systems – you name it, our platform integrates with it. 

The UCX platform is built to easily fit your existing ecosystem so you can streamline processes and solve any business challenge with ease.

Its thoughtfully layered design plus the integrations of your choice create the ideal mix for you to expedite your selling process, enhance communication workflows, and upgrade your customer experience.   

We also have off-the-shelf integrations that work with the same tools you already use.

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“Working with the UCX team has been a great experience - every individual I have worked with from the CEO to the developers was 100% committed to AAAASF's peer review project. The team doesn't stop at making the program work as they strive to make it the best it can be for the end-user and the staff.

Launching the new peer review system is going to be a game-changer for us. What we received is a well-designed and thought out program that allows for multiple types of data to be collected, stored, and reported on as well as integration with our CRM database."
Jennifer Swanson
Associate Director of Marketing at AAAASF

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