In the neverending quest to increased efficiency, we curated a solution that would encompass all necessary elements needed for a quick and seamless selling process. That’s the UCXmarket Online Store.

Built to Make Selling Easy

Our solution is designed with the end-user in mind including a highly intuitive layout, easy-to-use interface, and simple product presentation. Among many other features, the Online Store enables you as a seller to:

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Create a custom-branded storefront for your products

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List an unlimited number of products

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Create a contactless buying experience for your customers

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Keep track of all your sales activity.

A Store for Everyone

Whether you are an individual seller who wants to upgrade from their brick-and-mortar store or an established company with subsidiaries and hundreds of employees, the UCXmarket Online Store is the ideal choice if you want to take your selling process online while staying true to your brand.

What it includes:

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The Ability to Sell Practically Anything

Not only can you sell products, but you can also productize and sell any type of service, no matter how complex it is.  

Selling your own products and services is just the beginning. You’re free to explore UCXmarket and see what other sellers have in store. If you like what they offer and want to diversify your product portfolio, you can pick and sell their products as well.

Applicable in Different Industries

Our solution is limitless when it comes to its usage possibilities. 

It’s applicable in various industries, from healthcare and wearable technology products to accounting services and cloud solutions. 

Features like the Product Builder and Direct Payments allow for anything to be productized and sold quickly, without the need for buyer-seller contact.

Integrate Your Store Link Anywhere

To promote your product-packed & custom-designed store you can easily integrate the store link in different mediums, such as:

Get your personalized Online Store and revolutionize the way you sell. Act now and get 20% off!