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New Release: Introducing The Virtual Channel

After several months of analytics and development, we can proudly present to you the biggest and most special release we’ve had so far: The Virtual Channel!

It’s been quite the rollercoaster this year. But as you can see, that didn’t stop us from being the power-fueled, eccentric team we usually are.

Here’s what you can do with our new release:

Make It Yours

Taking a look at it from the visual side, it’s a feature that enables you, as a seller, to have your own personalized virtual sales channel. Here, absolutely everything is custom designed to represent your brand, including the navigation bar.   

You’re able to add new tabs to the navigation bar and enable external linking when you want to lead your customers to a special landing page, event, your news, blogs, etc.

The channel can be transformed with numerous elements such as hero images, text, illustrations, resources, and much more! The only limit is your creativity.  

Get Full Control

Sometimes someone creates something that makes you wonder why it didn’t exist. This is one of those times. 

The Virtual Channel enables you to not only create a channel where you sell your own products, but where you sell through others as well. You can include your reseller network and create stores for them within your channel. This makes the virtual distribution process that much easier. 

You’re able to connect and partner with new resellers, monitor all reseller activity, let them create new customers, keep track of every sale that has been made, and expedite the overall selling process. If you have the Virtual Channel, you are in control of your product distribution.

Adam Zeck, Founder & CEO of UCX, finds the new upgrade to be “…a massive, revenue-generating opportunity that allows you and your resellers to communicate with full transparency while simplifying your selling process”.

If you want to join the experience, you can try the Virtual Channel 30 days free!

No commission, no subscription, and no credit card required.

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