Wasabi Reserved Capacity Storage

Cut Costs by 80% with Wasabi Reserved Capacity Storage

Store more while spending less! Now at UCXmarket, you can leverage Wasabi Reserved Capacity Storage pricing model and enable cloud migration at only a fraction of the cost. You’re able to purchase a reserved amount of cloud storage at a fixed price for periods of 1, 3, or 5 years.

It’s a perfect solution to support back-up, archive, and other cloud storage strategies like hybrid and multi-cloud architectures for less than on-premises storage hardware.

For example, a 100 TB storage appliance from one of the leading manufacturers has a list price of approximately $130,000 whereas a 100 TB/5 year Wasabi RCS package costs under $40,000, including premium technical support.

Wasabi Reserved Capacity Storage is an ideal option for those businesses that prefer one-time payments to monthly billing such as educational institutions, government agencies, nonprofits, large enterprises as well as channel partners such as value-added resellers and system integrators. Channel partners can also expand their margins by purchasing RCS and then reselling it to their customers.

RCS fits the hybrid cloud model where some data is stored on-premises and other data is stored in the cloud. Popular uses for RCS include backups, second copies of data, and archives. Best practices mandate that companies keep one copy of their data off-site, and RCS offers a simple and extremely cost-effective way to move copies of data to secure Wasabi locations, all at a guaranteed fixed price.

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