The UCXmarket Product Builder

The UCXmarket Product Builder

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We present to you our newest feature – The UCXmarket Product Builder.

Why we made it

To change that. 

With that, we mean the arduous and time-consuming process it takes to create and sell products. That goes especially for the sellers of IT solutions. Their highly complex products take extra steps to configure – a process we’ve simplified with our newest feature. Cutting it short, the Product Builder allows you to productize anything. You can sell even the most difficult-to-price-and-productize things easily. 

How it works

You can apply pictures, attributes, features, or any other product specs with a few clicks and you’ll see everything come together in a crisp product card display.

You’re able to add attributes to set the stage for your products. It can be radio buttons, explanations, dropdown menus, labels, and more! 

Every function is straightforward and there’s no need to worry about any hiccups happening during product creation. All products are saved as a Draft by default. 

You can Preview how your creation looks like in the shop, Duplicate similar products, and Go Active when you’re all set. 

Depending on if your goods are tangible or not, it’s possible to choose the product Type

  • Stockable – anything that has stock. You can easily create discounts depending on the quantity and get notified when one of your products is running low on stock.
  • Deploy – products that can be deployed, like cloud storage, for example. 
  • Service – services that have a one-time fee. 

You can choose the Virtual option for products that don’t have stock and in case you don’t sell your products directly, the Product Builder has the Referral option ready for you. This means that users will “reserve” the product instead of buying it directly. 

Selling should be easy and the UCXmarket Product Builder is what makes it easy.

If our new feature got you intrigued, you can check out our Knowledge Base for more information on product creation.

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