IT Sales and Marketing Bootcamp

UCX at the Virtual IT Sales and Marketing Boot Camp

We participated as a sponsor and featured exhibitor for The Virtual IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp! It certainly stays true to its reputation as one of the most success-focused and energy-fueled events of 2020.

Although a virtual event, the human touch was never missing.

The Boot Camp’s level of gamification and interactivity, together with the abundance of networking possibilities created a relaxed and positive environment. Professionals would show an exceptional willingness to share their success stories, knowledge, resources, and suggestions with everyone.

Experts – including UCX, were presenting on everything from sales-generating marketing plans to successful business strategies, personal development lessons, proven business-growing ideas, and more! 

As a sponsor and featured exhibitor, we had the UCX Lounge where thousands of attendees could casually chat and network with one another. Our branded virtual booth welcomed attendees with a variety of resources, videos, and promotions to explore, as well as the live chat function to easily connect with our team.

We could take interested visitors from live chat with our Sales Reps to a UCXmarket walkthrough in no time. Professionals were highly impressed with our platform and the way it helps sellers boost their business by giving them a new channel that automates their selling process. 

Furthermore, hundreds of visitors are now following up with us to start off their UCXmarket journey with our Pro Plan!

Overall, a highly beneficial, sophisticated, and beautifully executed trade show. It’s especially impressive since this was the first time the IT Sales and Marketing Boot Camp went virtual. 

We look forward to attending future events and hanging out with more winners!

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